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The track you ride every day!

28 Oct 2022
La pista che si percorre tutti i giorni!

In 1981 the Jazz was born, the best-selling shoe ever in the history of the Saucony brand. The history of this brand dates back to the first decades of the 1900s when Abraham Hyde , an innovative entrepreneur with ideas ahead of his time, opened his first shop in Cambridge. Since then we have come a long way, confirming ourselves today as a leading brand in the world running and fashion market.

Initially born as running shoes for professionals, Saucony shoes have conquered the global market, great credit goes to the models that have conquered more and more people thanks to their undisputed quality and glamorous charm that immediately strikes for their elegance and charm. The simple lines of the Saucony Jazz Originals sneakers combine comfort with originality. They can be worn with classic clothes to make them more casual, or with sportswear to transform it with a touch of charm and make it more charming. They are the typical shoes that should never be missing in any wardrobe, able to return an immediate and different visual impact, combined with a soft and enveloping fit that will make our days and evenings more pleasant!

The Saucony Originals Jazz Men's shoes are the favorite Sneakers for comfort, lightness combined with a style that immediately differentiates itself from all the others thanks to the characteristic retro-inspired design. The shoes are made of soft suede with nylon inserts. The midsole is very light, specially designed to offer high joint stability and high cushioning of the foot. A comfortable fit that guarantees maximum comfort, rubber sole, cotton laces and perforated eyelets. Padded collar and tongue. Contrasting leather logo applied on sides. Bottom with splashes 30mm.

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