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An English-style rock soul!

28 Oct 2022
Un'anima rock in stile inglese!

The biography of the Fabbrica dei Colli brand begins in Solferino, it is here that the Pasquetti family business was established in 1967, united by a strong passion for footwear and for the tannery.

In a short time, the Pasquettis specialized in the sector of women's leather boots and created productions for important worldwide brands, focusing above all on the German market.

But it is only in 2015 that the company decides to start its own personal story, starting their adventure. This is how the "Fabbrica Dei Colli" brand was born, for women's leather shoes, where the handcrafted aspect becomes an absolute must. Shoes made in the industrial field but with reference artisan dictates, which allow to keep the beauty and quality of the handmade finishes intact.

The inspiration of the models focuses on essentiality, with simple lines but with character. A look that praises grit and independence, to a determined woman who goes against the tide. The details of studs, fringes, strings, elastic inserts create this glam style, which winks at the English street style.
A sober and decisive elegance that allows it to be worn both with important garments for special occasions and with sportswear for leisure time.

The Steel-101 ​​model lace-up brogue shoe, Dei Colli line , fits perfectly into this picture. The tank bottom, about 4 cm high and the 2 cm plateau, immediately give a firm and stable impression. The sobriety of the seams, the strings, instead give it a distinct personality that exudes self-confidence. An eclectic model that changes according to the combinations proposed, it manages to range from a formal style to a more rock and gritty one.

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