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Revolutionary originality!

28 Oct 2022
L'originalità rivoluzionaria!

Michael Kors in 1997 launched his first line of men's Pret-a-porter, since then he began his career in the Céline fashion house of which he became artistic director in 1999. After having succeeded in renewing and revolutionizing Céline Michael Kors decides to start his great challenge and founds his own brand.

His Michael Kors style is immediately considered visionary and avant-garde. In each of his collections there is a breath of fresh air. The extreme originality of his models make him unique in the whole panorama of fashion, eclectic and perfectionist he is always in continuous research and experimentation. His creations are forged on various visual and artisanal contaminations, thanks to the use of high quality materials, combined with exclusive and unexpected colors and details.

Michael Kors shoes are a mainstay of his collection.
Characterized by a strong personality that is reflected in the wearer. Women can range in choosing from an infinite number of styles, going from high-heeled shoes to casual sneakers, passing from important occasions to free time, so wide is her collection, all characterized by a touch of exclusive diversity.

Michael Kors is ideal for those who love trendy but at the same time refined and classy fashion. Impossible not to wish to own a pair of Michael Kors shoes, his collections are exciting and full of magic.
The Bromley boot from Michael Kors fits in with flying colors as a glamorous model of enviable beauty. Ideal to wear in combination with any type of more casual and informal urban look , with jeans, dresses or maxi sweaters.

In black calfskin with elasticated back of the shaft, for easy putting on.
Shoe embellished with side applications with golden star-shaped studs on the outer side of the leg. The front part of the upper is slightly higher, a peculiarity that recalls riding boots. Zip closure. Leather sole with non-slip coating. Heel height 3 cm.

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