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Luxury goes to town!

28 Oct 2022
Il lusso va in città!

Sam Edelman has a truly innovative perspective on fashion, managing to combine his sensibility for luxury with a more decidedly street inspiration.

The strength of the brand is to go outside the rules, managing to offer an alternative fashion that combines classic, retro-style details with shoes designed to be used in urban and modern contexts.

Sam Edelman has always been a dominant presence in fashion , his ideas having had an indelible impact on some of the most renowned contemporary brands over the past 30 years.
Sam and his wife, Libby, have developed a brand that reflects their lifestyle to the fullest. A bold and eclectic lifestyle that bridges the gap between aspiration and fulfillment by recreating modern luxury.
Sam Edelman's collection is inspired by the feeling of being in direct contact with art, the LORAINE moccasin seems to fit perfectly into this idealized vision.

The fabric reproduces multicolored birds, a fabric in which a weave that weaves artisan skill with an artistic representation is dominant, a technique that seems to be inspired by tapestries, with their strong evocative impact.

Going into detail, the Loraine moccasin features a 1 centimeter leather heel, jacquard fabric upper with metallic yarn, foldable nappa heel, leather profiles, leather lining and insole, leather sole, all naturally in pure leather at the 100%.

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