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The exclusivity of beauty!

28 Oct 2022
L'esclusività del bello!

The beauty of classic shapes, without excess frills that distract from the perfect balance. The work of the Maison Orciani has always been this: a harmonious concert of lines and materials, which create models of creative excellence without excesses. A measured impeccability. Like a demiurge who forges raw materials in his laboratory, so the figure of Claudio Orciani appears before us as an experimental craftsman who works to recreate forms of ancient beauty.

Research and in-depth study of materials allow raw materials to be manipulated in a creative and versatile way, returning a finished product of considerable value in terms of finish, style, practicality, resistance and of course charm. Experiments always take place on high quality leathers, such as the exclusive vegetable tanned leathers, coming from the best Italian tanneries. Since Claudio Orciani founded the brand in the early 1980s, the Maison has immediately stood out for its class and originality, a continually renewed challenge to learn the secrets in the processing of the leathers used.

The happy combination of craftsmanship and innovation creates enchanting products, such as the Soft Line Bag . A leather bag of refined elegance, dedicated to women who select the objects they wear. An accessory of unmistakable style and sophistication that stands out from all the others at first sight. Comfortable, practical, light, handcrafted using excellent raw materials.

The border in colored velvet (olive, ice, petrol, pink, burgundy, red and orange) takes up the Alcantara interior and is tone on tone with warm nuances, to refine this model the fox fur pom pom pendant, which matches the color of the border. Concealed opening on the top of the flap, where the Maison logo also appears, adjustable leather handle, magnetic button closure.

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