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Feet thank you!

28 Oct 2022
I piedi ringraziano!

The basic philosophy of this well-established brand is the well-being of your feet!
Walking in these very comfortable clogs is like being barefoot in a meadow. No pressure or constraint, just total pleasure. Feeling free from laces and enveloping shoes that deprive us of the naturalness of moving.

The Dansko clog differs from all the others for its incredible comfort, due to the plantar support in the shoe and the crimping of the sole.

Dansko clogs are immediately recognizable thanks to their particular shape, which soon became an icon, the simplicity of the lines and the high quality of the materials used. Dansko clogs provide our walk with incredible stability, the structure has been designed to cushion shocks as much as possible without however detecting any rigidity but rather appreciating the softness and lightness. Every Dansko clog must meet the highest standards of comfort, durability and fit. There are several steps that must be overcome before a Dansko shoe arrives in stores to be sold to customers.

The Dansko brand was born in Denmark, but its fortune was sanctioned by two Americans Mandy Cabot and her husband Peter Kiellerup who, through word of mouth, created an incredible Tam Tam that made these fabulous clogs known throughout the world. Horse trainers, they initially launched the brand in saddleries and specialized shops, after which they saw it establish itself in the boutiques of many countries.
Since then Dansko has added various styles of shoes, to the famous clogs have been added sandals, boots, and various details that have made it possible to make this very comfortable shoe even more flexible and universal. The Dansko brand is on the list of 500 fastest growing private companies.

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