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Modern and eccentric style

28 Oct 2022
Stile moderno ed eccentrico

The shoeshine guys take on a new challenge!
This young and very original brand has grown in a very short time and is reaching important records that are exceeding all expectations.
The new project with which they tested themselves is the new footwear brand with the encrypted name of P448 . These are completely handcrafted innovative sneakers , which are establishing themselves on the market with nothing to envy to more established brands that inspire them, such as Golden Goose, Philippe Model, Leather Crown, to name a few.

The strong point of this collection is certainly the value for money which stands out for being among the most competitive. A handcrafted product that uses top quality leathers , thick insulating insoles that are characterized by their extraordinary comfort. Each sneaker is enhanced by fabric details, which can range from leopard to floral, to python effects that can vary from opaque shades to iridescent colors, to laminated inserts.
The leather is carefully treated to give the shoe that vintage look which is the main trend of the moment.

The style of the P448 sneakers has a modern and eccentric imprint, much appreciated by a young audience, who adores the exclusivity that these shoes offer. Thanks to the different combinations of materials and details, these shoes are clearly distinguished from each other, to create unique looks capable of combining comfort with a more casual style or to play down the more elegant one. You can also choose from very comfortable low models to taller ones that wrap the foot perfectly.

There really is something for everyone with the P448 sneaker . On the Sergio Fabbri Calzature shop you will find the model that best suits you, many proposals and variants available!

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