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The right step in the city!

28 Oct 2022
Il passo giusto nella città!

The new Alien model from the WINDSOR SMITH brand seems to come straight out of a big city subway. Decisive and compact design, all rigorously in pure leather, the nuance is a safe black without contamination, which immediately transmits self-confidence and strength.
The raised platform and the segmented rubber sole immediately give an idea of ​​energetic combativeness.
The person who wears this shoe is ready to get back on the field every day, energetic and determined without losing sight of their goals.

A woman used to living the small and big challenges that life offers us, with a decisive step that is not afraid of losing control. The compactness of these boots will make you feel safe in any situation. Even if at first glance the gritty shape of this ankle boot does not seem to adapt to softer situations, such as a romantic dinner or tea with friends, you will discover that by combining it with feminine clothing this ankle boot has a very delicate soul that it will allow you to enhance your outfits even more.

But let's take a closer look at this very original model: the outside of the Alien boot is in black leather upper, an elasticated fabric is inserted on the sides to facilitate the fit, the black rubber sole is 5 cm high while the heel height is of 8 cm.

On our Sergio Fabbri Calzature online shop you can buy it immediately at an always competitive price, don't miss out on this model that will make your every moment unique!

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