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Velvet what a passion!

28 Oct 2022
Velluto che passione!

It was already in the air last season, this new trend was already glimpsed in 2016 but only this year has it exploded! Velvet is the master of the new fall/winter 2017/18 season .

Both in clothing and in footwear, this precious material is back in vogue!
Sensual and delicate fabric , light shades that pass from a darker to a lighter shade in a natural and regal way, a material that has always reminded us of great ladies and kings, with a fairytale charm that immediately transports us to a magical dimension .

Velvet is back in fashion and velvet ankle boots are among the coolest proposals of the moment. The glamorous atmospheres of the seventies, to which the film Velvet Goldmine paid homage, take up the style of the seventies, above all for the boots. With a rectangular and wide heel, with heels that can vary from 8 to 12 centimetres.

A truly exclusive and fascinating model is the one proposed by the Steve Madden brand. The Avenue ankle boot faithfully reproduces the dandy style of that period. The slightly raised finishes, the adherence of the fabric at the ankle, the wide and squared heel, and of course the delicacy and the touch of the velvet, which gives a touch of aristocratic personality to all our clothing. There are several color proposals, from total black to powder pink to olive green, all iridescent fabrics that will surprise you with the shades they reproduce.

On our online shop you will find this ankle boot that can be admired with its undisputed class.

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