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MOMA ankle boots for men and women: the vintage and neglected but fashionable style

28 Oct 2022
Stivaletti MOMA uomo e donna: lo stile vintage e trascurato ma alla moda

With the arrival of autumn and sudden rains , it's important to keep your feet always dry... without sacrificing style of course.
On Sergio Fabbri's online shop, you can find boots, boots and ankle boots suitable for men and women from the important Italian brand MOMA.
MOMA is a footwear brand from the Marche region that since its inception in 1992 has created shoes inspired by craftsmanship and those who "get their hands dirty", like farmers.
The shoes of this brand have a vintage and super-crafted soul capable of enveloping our foot and bringing it back to the past, always remaining fashionable.
MOMA boots for men and women : low boots go well with any outfit. An indispensable trend that can be worn all day in comfort with jeans of all kinds and short dresses, but also leggings combined with maxi shirts or sweaters. In short, the choice is vast; buying a pair of boots is not easy at all as various characteristics must be evaluated, both of the boot and of our figure. To each his own style and type of boot then! The best quality boots can be found on the Sergio Fabbri online shop available in various sizes and colours.
Elegant flat shoes for men and women : for a super elegant look without sacrificing vintage style. Various rock music icons love the androgynous look of this brand, try this style too with a pair of elegant cigarette trousers combined with a shirt and a waistcoat, maybe even with a thin tie! Suitable for both men and women, this outfit will make you look super stylish and look like a true 30's character.

Look at MOMA shoes now: boots, ankle boots, low shoes, ankle boots and many other men's and women's shoes. Discover the new MOMA shoe collection now! Want a 10% discount on your next purchase? Use the following code FABBRI10 and start your shopping at crazy prices!

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