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New collection of GUM bags: see it on the Sergio Fabbri Shop Online

28 Oct 2022
Nuova collezione di borse GUM: guardala su Sergio Fabbri Shop Online

On the Sergio Fabbri store you will always find the new collections of the brands, such as the new line of GUM branded bags at special prices.
Different patterns available for the new fall/winter 2018-19 collection, all to be discovered and loved. Here are our proposals:

- "London Style" : in this collection we find bags of various kinds; over the shoulder, by hand, pochette ... all with English-inspired patterns with hand-painted prints and, in some models, applications with skulls in rhinestones and feathers.
- “Glossy Heart”: the various GUM bags would make all women fall in love with them; perhaps for the prints or perhaps for the shapes, this collection is designed for you who already adore the brand. Important shiny hearts of different colors are applied on classic shades, for a unique contrasting effect.
- “Leo Fancy” : the leopard print style is now a must this season. Could it be missing from the GUM collection? On Sergio Fabbri you will find various types of bags in LEO print with jewel applications in multicolor synthetic crystals and star pendant.
- “Glossy Fringe” : available in three colours, pink, black and peacock, this line will blow your mind. Pochettes and bags with glossy patent-effect fringes positioned on both sides of the accessory for a "see-through" effect.

Discover now the other patterns of the new autumn/winter 2018-19 collection of GUM bags.

Look at the GUM bags now: boots, ankle boots, low shoes, ankle boots and many other men's and women's shoes. Discover now the new collection of GUM bags! Want a 10% discount on your next purchase? Use the following code FABBRI10 and start your shopping at crazy prices!

Discover GUM bags on Sergio Fabbri

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