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From subcultures to pop fashion: the 1460 Bex Smooth Dr. Martens boots

28 Oct 2022
Dalle sottoculture alla moda pop: gli stivali 1460 Bex Smooth Dr. Martens

Until a few years ago , Dr. Martens boots were considered the symbol of punk, gothic, metalheads and above all skinhead movements, with all that follows. Subcultures not always understood, mocked, often opposed. Those who wore Dr. Martens amphibians , perhaps with skinny jeans, were considered different, one with values ​​completely opposite to most people.
With the decline of underground cultures, Dr. Martens also experienced a period of stalemate, to then reinvigorate and be reborn as a shoe appreciated by those fashionable people who once feared and did not understand the people who wore them. You know, fashion is a spinning wheel, just like life. Today , Dr. Martens combat boots are not only popular for their style, but also for their guaranteed durability thanks to their meticulous manufacturing method.

Dr Martens 1460 Bex Smooth Black amphibian 25345001
This eight-eye boot is crafted in supple Smooth leather, which you can buff or leave with this matte effect . This shoe also features the unmistakable Dr. Martens style: yellow stitching on the welt , grooved edges and a heel loop with yellow-on-black AirWair logo .
The sole is 3.4 cm high, is made of PVC with a heat-sealed Goodyear welt and reinforced with the brand's iconic yellow stitching. This slightly higher than normal sole adds a touch of character to the boot without the bulk of a high wedge heel.
The 1460 Bex Smooth are comfortable to wear all day long, and look great paired with all kinds of jeans, leggings, skirts and shorts… these boots go with everything, your imagination is the limit!

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