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1460 Pascal Virginia: the amphibian with soft leather and incredible solidity

28 Oct 2022
1460 Pascal Virginia: l’anfibio dalla pelle morbida e solidità incredibile

The name 1460 is inspired by the date of the creation of the first Dr. Martens amphibian , i.e. April 1, 1960. Since that day, 1460 has become a true symbol linked to the punk, skinhead and gothic world. After living in the environment of subcultures and alternative music, and having subsequently seen a period of stalemate, 1460 and all other Dr. Martens products have fully entered popular fashion in recent years. Dr. Martens shoes are not only popular for their style, but also for their exceptional robustness.

Dr Martens 1460 Pascal Virginia 13512006 amphibian
This amphibian is made of soft leather with a fine grain treated to become smooth, soft and with a vintage and lived-in look right from the first step ... a truly unique style in which all the strength of the original 8-eye model is concentrated combined with a refined military style.
These boots maintain the profile of the 1460, have the distinguishable yellow Z-welted stitching , the logoed heel loop and the typical Goodyear welted air-cushioned sole heat sealed at 700°C.
The Pascal Virginia boot guarantees fabulous comfort thanks to the soft full-grain nappa leather and thanks to the typical construction of the brand also ensures an unusual robustness.
As for combinations, the 1460 Pascal Virginia combat boots are beautiful with skinny or boyfriend jeans, with opaque stockings or even with alternative fishnet or patterned stockings for a rock and gritty outfit. Gorgeous with leggings and loose sweatshirts, they don't clash when combined with a little dress over which you can wear a leather jacket: in this way, an elegant outfit is played down and any look is made more gritty.

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