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Dr Martens Sinclair boots

28 Oct 2022
Gli anfibi Dr Martens Sinclair

High, comfortable and soft, here are the Dr Martens Sinclair Black !
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Dr. Martens created the first pair of amphibians. Punk, goth, skinhead and metalheads movements have worn the classic 1460 boots, and after having lived on subcultures and alternative music, the brand has seen a period of stalemate from which it has risen big, entering the world of popular fashion by force and daily.
The Dr. Martens Sinclair amphibian is one of the most requested models at the moment: it is soft and different from most of the boots on the market. Let's see it together!

Dr Marten's Sinclair Black Aunt Sally amphibian 22564001
This pair of boots is made of Milled Nappa leather, a real robust textured leather that despite its undisputed resistance is not lacking in softness and flexibility from the first time the amphibians are worn.
Milled Nappa leather is placed and welded to the Goodyear-welted sole. This means that the upper and sole are not glued as usual, but heat-sealed at 700°C and reinforced with Dr. Martens signature yellow stitching . The sole is 4 cm high, it's practically a platform that gives centimeters and a rock soul to the whole outfit.
This boot is also really practical to wear thanks to the removable zip . In an instant it is fastened and unfastened ... better than this is impossible.

Pairing has never been easier: Sinclair looks great with everything from jeans and leggings to short skirts with opaque and patterned tights. Pair it with a tight knit or crop top for an edgy look or a baggy sweater and oversized scarf for a vintage look. Unleash your imagination with Dr. Martens shoes !

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