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Dr. Martens always against the tide!

28 Oct 2022
Dr. Martens sempre controcorrente!

The history of these historical shoes with military lines come to life in 1945 when Doctor Klaus Martens decides to design a shoe cushioned by an air cushion that would have made the sole softer and would have facilitated the recovery of his ankle after a skiing fracture . The shoe model created takes up the guidelines of boots already on the market, creating an eight-hole boot, which is highly appreciated by housewives, who are the main buyers in the first ten years. At the end of 1950, Klaus Martens decides to sell his license to an important Northamptonshire shoe manufacturer, R. Griggs Group Ltd. The English brand acquires the patent, and prefers to change the name to Dr. Martens , adapting it to the Anglo-Saxon language. The new owner decides to add the famous yellow stitching to the legendary shoes and also slightly modifies their shape.

The first model to land on English soil is named 1460 , the first example of the classic cherry red 8- hole amphibian, the main customers will not be young people but instead workers, postmen and even policemen who will choose this shoe for its resistance and protection that distinguishes it. In 1961, however, the 1461 model was launched, a shoe with 3 holes , which was especially popular with postal workers, becoming a hallmark of the English left.

One of the first to use the Dr. Martens , not for practical purposes but for aesthetic use, is the singer of the musical group The Who, Pete Townshend, who in 1966 decides to wear them at a concert and will be immortalized in various images while jumping with the his guitar while wearing this pair of these lace-up leather boots.

Dr. Martens are starting to gain more and more trend and to identify themselves in a certain pop subculture. In fact, it was in the decade from 1970 to 1980 that Dr. Martens were adopted as a symbol of freedom and rebellion by various cultural undergrowths to which punk, new wave, gothic groups belong, becoming a symbol of adherence to underground culture.

In the nineties, Dr. Martens find feedback in the grunge music scene that appreciates combinations with clothing such as flannel shirts and ripped jeans. The historic lace-up boots become a symbol of protest also at a political and social level and not only in fashion when they are worn by subculture movements such as skinheads.

In 2013 the historic brand passed to Permira, the acquisition concerned in particular R. Griggs Limited. The legendary Docs , as they are called in youth jargon, pass the baton to another company that collects the symbolic and innovative legacy of these boots that have marked since their entry onto the market a strong identification by various groups, which they appreciated not only the aesthetic and practical characteristics, but above all the essence of the form which inspired and solicited various expressive possibilities.

A new historical phase that will produce new models perhaps using different materials, but always remaining faithful to the style of Dr. Martens which are now a consolidated certainty of change!

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