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Footwear Premiata on Sergio Fabbri

28 Oct 2022
Le calzature Premiata su Sergio Fabbri

Graziano Mazza is the man behind the Premiata brand, a footwear company in the small Marche village of Montegranaro, which today boasts 120 employees and a turnover of over 40 million euros. But how do you conquer the world starting from a village of 12,000 inhabitants?
Mazza's art was to create a perfect balance between innovation and tradition , creating emotions as well as shoes.
And so Premiata has become a symbol of the elegant shoe characterized by a unique detail: in 1999 the first elegant shoe without laces was born. Graziano Mazza has always had very specific ideals: The most difficult thing in making a difference is knowing how to do it in the simplest things… ”. And it's true.

However, the history of Premiata starts as far back as 1885 when craftsmanship becomes part of the Mazza family, which creates and innovates in the name of quality materials and Made in Italy . In the closer 1960s Vincenzo Mazza created the “Endless” brand and in 1981 his son Graziano took over the company by industrialising production.
The Premiata brand began to come to life in 1991 and saw the introduction of various innovations such as comfortable shoes with rubber bottoms . Since then the processes have reached levels of high quality with an obsessive attention to detail, the shapes and designs are constantly evolving and the search for new leathers makes the shoes more and more valuable.
Currently this Italian company is a leader in the sneaker sector: real avant-garde design pieces with an unrivaled minimal style. The aim of Premiata is to combine its sophisticated taste with sports shoes with excellent technical performance.

By now sneakers represent the basic footwear in one's shoe rack: they are suitable for any outfit, sporty or elegant, with jeans, with a skirt, with casual trousers, Premiata is many shoes in a single model.


Explore the Premiata style on the brand's Instagram page, experience their creative mood and be inspired by the numerous collections that follow each other season after season. Buy your favorite Premiatas and join the community, tagging your photos with the #PREMIATA hashtag.

“We believe that life is an abnormal and wonderful journey that never repeats itself. We believe in diversity as luxury and beauty in its primordial state, an opportunity for man and a necessity for nature.”
Graziano Mazza

What are you waiting for, browse the Premiata catalog on the Sergio Fabbri online shop , and give yourself a nice gift!

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