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Moma footwear: the difference!

28 Oct 2022
Calzature Moma: la differenza!

It was 1992 when the Gironacci brothers decided to indulge their desire: to give the public a shoe with a vintage heart and handcrafted features. Thus Moma was born, and in the name of Made in Italy the company began to experiment with shapes and colours, to give life to a creative design and to shape it on high quality materials.
Gigio and Daniele Gironacci mix the traditional and historic labor force of the Marche region, famous all over the world for its particularity, with their peasant culture: simple and pure as only the earth can be.

Ankle boots, boots, sandals, boots and ankle boots. Each last of shoe is designed, worked and put together by skilled craftsmen in a manufacturing laboratory which is the soul and body of the brand. This is the place where the magic happens, where raw materials meet historical techniques and become art.
A little retro, a little vintage, but always very rock mixed with that creativity that is renewed every season thanks to the constant desire to test yourself by always inventing new shapes and original lines for the latest collections.

The Moma style is successful for its ability to mix traditional craftsmanship with forward-looking thinking and a design with a strong personality that has roots in the past but flourishes in the present, with a contemporary, gritty and current sign.

The shoes are subjected to treatments inspired by the perfection of nature, by the moss on the trees, by the rust point after the rain, by the wear and tear of the sand on the surfaces and by the colors of the earth. Moma narrates the natural cycle from beginning to end in every product it designs, assembles, finishes and sends to its stores.

Moma is the demonstration of how magnificence can be close to the earth, to industry, to simplicity: its collection of luxury boots and shoes is all this and much more.

From Milan to Los Angeles, from Berlin to Moscow, from Florence to Portland : Moma has spread style throughout the world, because the world yearned for her style.

Browse the Moma catalog on the Sergio Fabbri online shop. Here you can find low shoes, boots, ankle boots, ankle boots all rigorously Made in Italy, with a unique and captivating design, produced with high quality leather. Happy shopping!

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