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Janet & Janet a double soul

28 Oct 2022
Janet & Janet un'anima doppia

Janet & Janet is a brand owned by A&G of Serra de Conti, a company that was established in the 90s and immediately established itself with an innovative and avant-garde design that stands out for the modern and stylish approach of the models that proposes, combined with the care of the chosen materials and the craftsmanship.

The famous brand presented the new Janet & Janet fall winter 2019 2020 shoes collection and our attention focused on some interesting proposals for ankle boots and ankle boots.

Western-inspired boots, Texan ankle boots and camperos have always set a trend, thanks also to the country references they are inspired by, but it was also the inclusion of small details with a more rocker soul that made the models more daring and modern and irresistible for the outfit of many women.

One of the models proposed in the autumn/winter collection by Janet&Janet is the cowgirl-style ankle boot , which remains faithful to the tradition of the original model, with a slightly rounded toe, leather inserts with double color contrast, and elastic in the instep of the boot that facilitates the fit. Texan ankle boots are also very popular for the wearability that distinguishes them. Their gritty and decisive but at the same time comfortable and practical style allows them to be shown off in the most different situations. Whether you have coffee with friends in the morning or go to the office or a romantic dinner or with friends. Based on the clothing used, the visual impact can be completely distorted, making the Texans a sophisticated or casual object. If worn with dresses or skirts, it gives a touch of freedom and freshness, playing down the ensemble and making the final effect less classic. If, on the other hand, it is combined with jeans or stretch trousers, the result is completely different, increasing the character and personality of the wearer.

The ankle boot in black leather with silver studs is also very versatile, another interesting proposal for this autumn-winter 2019/20. Easy to combine in colors and lines with different items of clothing, this ankle boot stands out for its innate grace and solidity. A decisive and at the same time light model, with a double soul that makes it an indispensable piece of the female wardrobe, it can be worn both during the day and in the evening, calibrating the most daring outfits with its presence.

Another idea from the new Janet & Janet collection are the country-style ankle boots with python insert. The typical imprint of the classic Texan is revisited by the python leather details that define the collar of the boot. The final effect is decidedly extraordinary, making this model full of references and visual suggestions that allow it to be shown off in the most diverse situations. Whether you wear it for a walk in the park or for a worldly and exclusive situation, this ankle boot will not disappoint you , restoring with its graceful strength the nonchalant elegance of an object that does not impose itself but completes and strengthens the whole.

Discover all Janet & Janet footwear for this autumn winter 2019/20 on the Sergio Fabbri online shop or come and visit us in the shop!

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