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La Carrie Original and Innovative Bags

28 Oct 2022
La Carrie Borse Orignali e Innovative

The Carrie Bag was born in 2014 from the happy synergy of Paola , who takes care of the administration of the company, and Francesco , an innovative and inspired designer. The name is a tribute to the television series "SEX AND THE CITY" which has Carrie as its protagonist, a modern woman who faces all the challenges that life presents with energy and sensitivity. United in a long-standing friendship with her travel companions, together they confront and help each other in all the challenges of life, always true to themselves, falling but then always managing to get up with their heads held high without ever going down to compromises and easy conquests. Authentic women who conquer their place in the world every day with determination but also with a good dose of irony and glamour.

Carrie's daily challenges are always faced with her unfailing style, accessories and clothing are never casual but always refined and particular. For every event or occasion there is an outfit designed ad hoc, nothing is left to chance and the success of the TV series also depends on these dresses, shoes and bags that the protagonist shows off in the various episodes and which convey vitality and a sense of freedom. And it is precisely from this idea of ​​alternative and original design that the La Carrie Bag collection was inspired by women who are always on the lookout and never stop, women on the move who reach their goals with dedication and tenacity. Bags that strike the eye of others for the careful research of alternative materials. Not a simple bag but a small work of art in which the mania for details and colors is designed to attract attention and to stand out.

In a short time , Carrie bags have become a must in the wardrobe of many women, who have chosen them for their strong character but also for the precious finishes, which chisel in an original way a fashion accessory that does not go unnoticed.

The Fall/Winter 2019 2020 Collection offers a truly incredible variety of models, all designed and studied down to the smallest detail, without repeating themselves and being truly unique pieces that totally differ from each other. From the clutch bag covered in light with gold and black python stripes, enhanced by the chain shoulder strap and the magnetic button closure in which the La Carrie logo stands out. To the quilted bucket bag in black eco-leather with shaped gold studs, which fascinates with its incredible charm. The undisputed glamor of the black baguette bag quilted and worked with fabric details , studs, stones and fringes that create a model that stands out both for its stylistic innovation and for the perfection that only Italian craftsmanship can create.

The Carrie Bag is a constantly growing brand, which is developing rapidly also thanks to the positive feedback it constantly receives from its customers. A Brand that registers season after season more and more acclaim and appreciation and that conquers the hearts of many women!

Discover all the Le Carrie Bags for this autumn winter 2019/20 on the Sergio Fabbri online shop or come and visit us in the shop!

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