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Naked Wolfe you can see the difference!

28 Oct 2022
Naked Wolfe la differenza si vede!

From the idea of ​​two creative directors, the Naked Wolfe brand was born in Hong Kong in 2016. Forged within an Australian family with over 30 years experience in the footwear industry. Once the Brand was established in Hong Kong, the cut to be given to the new shoe label to be offered on the web was designed and studied, and with great satisfaction the concept of Naked Wolfe was conceived. All the models in the collection are rigorously produced with vegan materials. Banned any detail or compound of animal origin, A COLLECTION OF PRODUCTS FOR VEGANS AND VEGETARIAN. All models are handmade, with meticulous care in the craftsmanship that is enhanced by the perfection of the final result. A line that immediately stands out for its innovation and creativity. In fact, the young designers propose designer and fun models, which underline vitality and joie de vivre with their dynamic shapes.

Several influencers have decided to lend their face to these innovative shoes such as Gigi Hadid or Ariana Grande who have published shots in which they wore the Naked Wolfe brand on their Instagram profile.

The flagship collection is the Track Naked Wolfe Sneakers. A trendy sneaker that impresses with its avant-garde shape. The white upper in mesh and rubber, the padded foam sole that offers support, elasticity and cushioning. Rubber bottom 6.5cm-Platform 3.5. The inserts can vary in various chromatic and visual possibilities, going from animal textures to glitter or python effects. A collection that has found approval and identification in young people, but not only. An object that is becoming a must in the wardrobe of many kids who appreciate the comfort that these sneakers offer combined with the originality that allows them to stand out from other sneakers by becoming an object in which to identify and which can express with its particular and different shape the own personality.


The look of the Naked Wolfe Track brand has focused much of its communication on a fresh and youthful impact. Sneakers can be worn during the day on all occasions, from morning to evening, by changing the garments with their matching outfits, you can invent incredible combinations, playing down a classic cut dress or increasing attention through casual and trendy outfits. An object that has the ability to influence our wardrobe, thanks to its decisive and original character.

Discover all the Naked Wolfe Track footwear for this autumn winter 2019/20 on the Sergio Fabbri online shop or come and visit us in the shop!

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