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Sneakers Rewarded for the comfort of the exclusive

28 Oct 2022
Sneakers Premiata la comodità dell’esclusivo

Sneakers Rewarded for the comfort of the exclusive

The Premiata Sneakers Brand was born in 1995 by Graziano Mazza who took over the reins of the family business, created by his grandfather, restructuring and rethinking the family leather goods. The new style marked by the new management is impressed by the innovative design and the continuous search for new treatments that allow the leather to be modeled in an increasingly dynamic way. Premiata Sneakers have a strong metropolitan character and stand out with their decisive and urban step. A line that has focused its attention on everyday life, creating Sneakers that combine practicality with originality.

Premiata Sneakers have largely established themselves on the market, often setting a trend in many outfits. Their versatility allows them to experiment with bold and unusual combinations, such as when they are combined with chic and elegant clothes, giving a pleasantly different combination with their sporty but refined image. Combined instead with a sweatshirt and jeans they enhance the simplicity of clothing with their distinct and particular personality, enhancing even the simplest combinations. The materials of the Premiata Sneakers range from satin to suede, the applied inserts can be of different types of fabrics, details in glitter, silver leather or animal print texture, are just some of the different possibilities that this versatile Sneakers offers. The rubber sole can vary in height but always remains in white with the unmistakable writing engraved on it.

The Premiata Sneakers are made under the skilful hands of craftsmen who create every detail with great skill, through meticulous and precise work that takes care of all the details.

Sneakers can be worn for hours on end without ever wanting to go home and put on something more comfortable. The extreme care with which they have been designed will allow you to have them on your feet even for the whole day without having problems of any kind. The raised sole will add that touch of elegance as well as making you appear taller. Combined with leggings and maxi sweaters, the Premiata Sneakers offer unexpected surprises of originality, enhancing the most usual and everyday combinations.

Premiata is therefore a brand that reflects the desire to stand out while maintaining comfort and simplicity. The Premiata models are enhanced by cutting-edge details, giving rise to multiple visual expressions. Ideal travel companions for your working days or social evenings with friends or boyfriends, Premiata shoes have become a symbol of creativity and freedom, all models are handcrafted by shaping the different materials into exclusive and unique shapes and details.

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