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AS98 stand out with style

28 Oct 2022
A.S.98 distinguersi con stile

AS98 was a company born from the desire to forge products that were not only aesthetically beautiful but that stood out from all the others for the absolute originality and the highest quality of the materials used . AS98 shoes and bags are distinguished by the search for fine leathers skilfully treated by the expert hands of craftsmen who are able to model the product flawlessly.

Leather bags that transmit the immediate feeling of genuineness to the touch, the unmistakable smell of excellent leather that refers to olfactory as well as tactile pleasure. Unique pieces that differ in the painstaking definition of the details , the skilful chiselling of hinges and studs that create a modern and innovative style. The various collections offer unique clothing items, which stand out for their extreme attention to detail , creating bags and shoes that immediately capture attention and become objects of desire and inspiration.

The company was founded on the shores of Lake Garda, in Colà di Lazise, ​​by a father and sons who, also thanks to the perfectionism transmitted at work, over the years has reached an increasingly large market of admirers, moving the productive part of their work to Bosnia, with over 1,200 employees.

An inspired design that has created productions that are always different from each other, combining the artisan tradition with models with a rocker and a little punk soul. A perfect graft that has allowed us to seal a Brand that finds its great strength in the innovation of ideas and in the consolidated manual skill with which each piece is made.

A style that ranges from inspirations caught on the street from the most sought-after street fashion to punk suggestions that are re-proposed with the use of studs, chains, zippers, a style that has left a strong and decisive imprint on the collective imagination, an indelible reference in fashion.

Each piece of the AS98 collection has a self-confident character that does not fear judgement, an independent and free personality that is transmitted in every detail, made stronger by the perfect synergy between visual power and quality.

The AS98 company offers each collection always different combinations of Italian design , attentive to the new trends spontaneously generated among young people, but always combining that particular vintage or rock that strikes for its absolute originality and surprising diversity.

A look outside the box that has allowed AS98 to stand out and reach more and more people who find the object they were looking for and desired in the bags or shoes they produce :-)


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