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[New] Discover Sergio Fabbri's promotions

28 Oct 2022
[Novità] Scopri le promozioni di Sergio Fabbri

Sergio Fabbri continues to amaze his customers and does so with a fantastic new promotion .
From today all the products of three prestigious brands are 20% off
We are talking about three prestigious brands AS 98 , Naked Wolfe and Woolrich at a price never seen before.
High quality shoes and bags, among the brands preferred by our customers.
Discover the beauty of shoes and the originality of bags.
Many items that will attract your attention, comfortable and current, perfect for your style.

Renew your wardrobe with clothing, shoes and accessories by Sergio Fabbr i.
A vast assortment, in our store you will find items for men, women and children.

And it didn't end there.
Don't forget to visit the new arrivals section, here too a new promotion for you.
An immediate 10% discount on many items.
Find out which ones.

And don't forget that shipping costs are free (for a minimum order of 100 euros).

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