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[New Arrivals] La Carrie Bags

28 Oct 2022
[Nuovi Arrivi] Borse La Carrie

The new articles of “ La Carrie ” have arrived on the Sergio Fabbri store
This brand is synonymous with bucket bags and more: contemporary femininity in each of its productions.
Founded in 2014 on the basis of twenty years of experience, the Romagna-based company aims for excellence, without ever losing sight of its joyful style.
La Carrie is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw , protagonist, or rather icon, of a TV series that has marked and changed modern pop culture: Sex and The City .
A revolutionary telefilm, where the woman was no longer a supporting character, but was truly her own mistress; fun and a little over the top, without ever losing sight of one's goals.
And so is La Carrie.

Today we present some new arrivals on our shop:
Two high quality products as this brand has accustomed us to.
The result of excellence and attention to detail is LA CARRIE MILITIA BUCKET TUMBLED BLACK 192M-E-130-BT
The bucket bag is the emblem of the company, a characteristic sign since its birth.
This version is made of black and branded eco-leather, and is characterized by metal studs and cabochons.
Of ethnic inspiration, it has side fringes and a handle also in woven eco-leather.
Learn more by clicking on the link.

Now let's focus on a shopping bag, also in faux leather.
It's called LA CARRIE OLYMPIA BOWLING TUMBLED BLACK 192M-W-935-BT , it is stamped too, here in skein processing.
It has a gold metallic chain shoulder strap with a faux leather handle.
Here, too, more info on the link.

Both products, like all La Carrie creations, are made in Italy .
Discover all the new arrivals on the Sergio Fabbri shop, a pleasant gift for you, using the code Fabbri10 , an immediate 10% discount on your purchase.

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