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[New Arrivals] Versace Jeans Couture Bags

28 Oct 2022
[Nuovi Arrivi] Borse Versace Jeans Couture

Discover the new arrivals of the Sergio Fabbri store.
We choose to offer you only the best carefully selected brands.
Stille and quality of the highest level are combined with refinement and design that is never banal.
The result is products of excellent workmanship, current and beautiful to wear.
A fundamental part of your look is given by the accessories, essential to highlight our strengths and why not, hide our flaws.
Sergio Fabbri has recently added other internationally renowned brands to his collection, one of which is undoubtedly VERSACE JEANS COUTURE , the unmistakable style of a maison that has conquered the world from Italy.
Today we point out some bags from this line, which have all the values ​​of Versace Jeans Couture in their DNA.

Bag Versace Jeans Couture E1.VUBBF1.71272.518 Orange heritage buckle
Main reason is the multicolor fantasy print.
It has a front button closure and a metal buckle with logo.
Equipped with a front pocket with a zip, it also has the logo
The shoulder strap is in smooth black leather.

Versace Jeans Couture bag E1.VUBBW2.71285.899 Black embroidery vinyl
Double handle shoulder bag with logo embroidered on the front flap.
The closure is with a central zip.

Bag Versace Jeans Couture E1.VUBBW4.71285.500 VIinile emboidery
It has a double magnetic button closure, the logo is embroidered on the front flap.
The shoulder strap is made with a gold-colored metal chain.

Visit the links above for more information.
Sergio Fabbri is constantly committed to offering you quality and design at the best price.
Furthermore, using the FABBRI10 code at the time of purchase you will have an immediate 10% discount , and in addition if the order exceeds 200 euros, we will offer the shipping costs.

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