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Sneakers Premiata L'Eclettica!

28 Oct 2022
Sneakers Premiata L'Eclettica!

Sneakers have long been no longer just shoes for sports but have become a Must for what concerns our daily wardrobe. From catwalks around the world, Sneakers have become the protagonists of many trendy Oufits, inspiring many Looks with their casual and fresh soul. Whether they are low or high, with laces or rips, or with different materials that can range from leather to canvas, Sneakers have won the hearts of many customers who choose them for the most varied reasons. Their soft and light fit is appreciated by all people who want to wear a comfortable but impactful shoe from morning to evening that accompanies them for all their daily routines. Sneakers are also appreciated for the great variety of models that allow anyone to find their own Sneakers , distinguishing themselves with details that make them unique and special , there is something for all tastes!

The Premiata Brand stands out in the vast panorama of Sneakers for reasons ranging from quality to originality. In fact, the brand has now tested a highly successful production process whose basic ingredients are attention to detail, the use of quality materials, but above all a great team that designs and designs shoes with an innovative and unconventional style.

Premiata Sneakers stand out for their eclectic soul, models that remain impressed for their ability to go beyond traditional rules and experiment with color and material combinations, reinventing each time unique shoes that have their surprising originality as their first point of reference. Their incredible versatility allows anyone to wear them with different items of clothing, creating completely different looks based on the cut you want to achieve. Thanks to the use of studs or crystals, glitter, embroidery or designs, each Sneakers of the Ditta Premiata has a different soul that beats to the rhythm of your wardrobe. An incredible variety of possibilities that makes our Made in Italy products always at the forefront of the requests of the most demanding customers, who can purchase a quality product without renouncing their creative flair, in fact, when you wear a pair of Premiata shoes, you put quality and comfort!

Discover the wide choice of Premiata Sneakers that the Sergio Fabbri shop has reserved for you.

And remember, using the code Fabbri10 you will get an extra 10% discount and the shipping costs for orders over 100 euros are free throughout Italy.

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