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Indispensable Uggs!

28 Oct 2022
Ugg Indispensabili!

The cold has arrived! The temperatures have dropped and the freezing air welcomes us every day with its lashes of cold wind that surprise us with chills and even a few sneezes :-)

A pair of warm, comfortable shoes that will accompany us throughout the winter season has become an imperative for our wardrobe, indispensable for facing long days and evenings at low temperatures. For all those who do not want to give up an original and exclusive style, a pair of UGG boots become indispensable. The inside of UGG shoes is lined in sheepskin, a material that gives an immediate sensation of warmth that remains all the time. The outside of the boot, on the other hand, is worked in reversed sheepskin which allows us to keep our feet always dry because it does not allow humidity to penetrate. The sheepskin being a natural and non-synthetic material lets your feet breathe so they won't sweat.

UGGs adapt perfectly to many clothing combinations, fantastic when worn with a pair of leggings or tight trousers but also with more refined garments to which they will give a touch of naturalness and simplicity with their casual style.

UGGs can be short to the ankle, medium length and knee long, the choices available are many! In addition to a wide range of models, the color variants are also diverse. We go from neutral colors such as hazelnut and beige, to antique pink up to shades of gray and black, and today many models are embellished with glitter , bows, diamonds, which make this product even more refined and unique.

The UGG brand has always proposed to combine the high quality of its creations with a constant search for what are the fashion trends, without however reducing the production standards and the precious materials used, and this is one of the reasons why UGG is one of the most appreciated brands in the footwear sector. UGGs combine comfort and glamor in a single product and that's why so many customers continue to buy them back from season to season conquered by their double soul.

Obviously you can find them available on Sergio Fabbri's online shop at enviable prices .

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